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Show Off Your Beauty!

The use of lasers in plastic surgery and dermatology has grown in popularity as women and men discover their potential for helping them achieve younger, more beautiful skin in short, nearly painless office procedures. Lasers are commonly employed to rejuvenate the skin to help it look radiant and feel smooth.

Laser Vein Treatment

Pinnacle Dermatology has 532nm- KTP lasers which are specifically designed to target blood vessels. Many patients seek treatment for small blood vessels by their noses and cheeks, while others look to reduce or eliminate spider veins on their legs. Patients with rosacea or background redness also benefit from this laser.

After evaluation of your skin, your doctor can formulate an individualized plan to give you the healthiest appearing skin possible. Schedule an appointment at Pinnacle Dermatology to find out more by calling (815) 744-8554 .