Patty Moore, Esthetician

Patty Moore has worked in dermatology with Dr. Moira Ariano in the Naperville office since 2003. She specializes in skin rejuvenating and acne-reducing chemical peels, tattoo removal, Thermage®, Fraxel and hair removal lasers, hydrafacial and product consultation.

Recently, Patty Moore has been educating her patients on a popular cosmetic treatment, Clear & Brillant and Permea laser treatments. The Clear & Brilliant and Permea laser treatments are fractional lasers that use microscopic bands of energy that aerate into the skin to produce noticeable results in a single treatment. The Clear & Brilliant helps minimize pores, fine lines/wrinkles and improves skin texture. The Perma accomplishes the same results with more of an emphasis on hyperpigmentation and sun damage. The popularity of these treatments is because they are comfortable, require little downtime and affordable. A single treatment includes face, neck, chest and hands.

Patty is an excellent source for the latest available trends and options in aesthetic skin care. She is a popular and go-to guide with many of our patients in Naperville.