There is no higher priority for us than the health and safety of our patients, staff and their families. With news surrounding us over health concerns for the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to let you know about the measures we are taking for your health and safety during this time. As medical leaders, if you need skin care, we want to be sure that you receive the treatment you need with the highest measures of safety possible.

Medical Offices including Dermatology Practices are deemed “Essential Businesses” with offices remaining open
Not all dermatologic conditions require immediate treatment, but the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions do.  Some patients are concerned about a particular lesion, others have general medical dermatology issues. While we address our patients’ immediate concerns, we are also committed to treating all of your skin through a Total Body Skin Exam when you come into our offices.  Our philosophy and standard of treating the entirety of your skin means we routinely/daily find skin cancers when they were not suspected.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and 38% of melanomas are found incidentally as a result of a skin exam performed when the patient came to the office for another reason.1  Studies show that the early detection and treatment of melanomas can be lifesaving.  Additionally, 10% of Total Body Skin Exams require the biopsy of a lesion and 50% of those biopsies will be diagnosed as skin cancer.2

Dermatologists provide much needed relief for patients suffering from painful and even debilitating skin conditions such as rashes, skin infections (abscesses), eczema and psoriasis flare-ups and so on.   Pinnacle Dermatology providers have treated many patients with such conditions over the last week that have thanked us for being here, ready to provide the care they needed during this time. A reduction in dermatology services will force these patients to navigate the already overburdened primary care, urgent care or hospital emergency departments to receive necessary care, likely increasing their risk of exposure to the virus while simultaneously shifting resources away from those needed to fight this pandemic.

Coronavirus/Covid-19 is a very serious public health concern.  We are taking extreme precautions and have created care options to help keep our patients and employees safe while providing necessary medical and surgical dermatology services during this time.  Please read on for more information.  We thank you and hope to see you in our offices if you need more immediate care during this pandemic or afterwards.

Senior Hours
We will begin offering Senior Hours for patients 60 years of age and older.  Senior Hours will begin one hour before the regularly scheduled clinic open time to allow for senior patients to be seen when we have lower volumes of patients coming into our offices and at the beginning of the day when offices have been freshly sanitized.  Senior Hours will be offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday beginning on March 24.

      Participating offices offering Senior Hours are

  • Barrington, IL – Tues-Thurs 7am
  • Hoffman Estates, IL – Tues-Thurs 7am
  • Joliet, IL – Tues-Thurs 6am
  • Orland Park, IL – Tues 8am, Wed 6:30am, Thurs 7am
  • New Lenox, IL – Tues 6:30am, Thurs 7am
  • Nashville – Belle Meade, TN – Tues-Wed 6:30am, Thurs 7am
  • Murfreesboro Medical Center Parkway, TN – Tues-Thurs 6am
  • Crawfordsville, IN – Tues-Thurs 7am
  • Dyer, IN – Tues 8am, Wed 7am, Thurs 6am
  • Okemos, MI – Tues-Thurs 7am
  • Brighton, MI – Tues-Thurs 7am
  • Grand Blanc, MI – Tues-Thurs 6am
  • Crystal, MN – Tues 6:30am, Wed-Thurs (starting April 1) 6:30am
  • Woodbury, MN – Tues 6:30am, Thurs (starting April 2) 6:30am
  • Burnsville, MN – Tues-Wed (starting March 31) 6:30am, Thurs 6:30am

Location Hours
Please confirm location is open by calling the phone number listed on the location’s main web page if you are planning to come into a clinic for anything other than a scheduled appointment.  All scheduled appointments will be confirmed with patients via text, email or phone so no need for patients to call.  Given current demand, we are closing certain offices and shifting appointments for patient care to available providers and locations.  If a patient’s scheduled location has been impacted, Pinnacle will communicate directly with the patient.

Telemedicine Visits
The diagnosis and treatment of many dermatologic conditions from acne and rashes to eczema, psoriasis and more may be accomplished through telemedicine visits.  These visits are as easy as a provider texting a link to a patient’s mobile phone.  Once the link is clicked, patients provide their name, click to enable their phone camera and they are placed into a video conference with their provider.  It’s that easy and it’s a great alternative for patients with higher risk factors for coronavirus to access necessary care without coming into our offices.  To Learn more about Telemedicine please visit click here

Patient screening, check-in procedures and social distancing
When you make your appointment, we will ask you additional screening questions. And, you must notify our staff at the time you make an appointment if you have traveled recently, have a cough, or have had a fever within the past 14 days. When you check in at our front desks, you will again be asked additional screening questions. You will have the option of waiting in your car and receiving a text message when an exam room is ready for you. Throughout your visit, you will notice that we are practicing social distancing in our common areas. We are also removing shared items such as magazines in our waiting and exam rooms.

Keeping our clinics clean.
Sanitizing our clinics is always top of mind for our staff. However, we are being extra sensitive during this time.  We are wiping down surfaces more frequently and you will also notice many hand sanitizers and handwashing opportunities in common areas and treatment rooms. We are taking extra precautions behind the scenes too. Our staff is changing clinic air filters more often, and we have stocked up on extra cleaning supplies during supply shortages.

Staff safety measures.
Patients should feel safer knowing that staff members who are sick or who have traveled to at risk areas are no longer in our clinics. Our staff has increased the use of masks, gloves and protective eye gear. We have stopped all work-related travel for employees. We are also suspending visits from any outside vendors who may visit our clinics.

Re-scheduling for patients not feeling well.
If you become sick or have had a fever, cough or shortness of breath within the past 14 days, we ask that you re-schedule your appointment. You can re-schedule an appointment anytime using our easy online scheduling option, or by calling (833) 257-7546.  We are also reminding providers to call-out sick in the event they are not feeling well. Thank you for understanding if we contact you to reschedule or move your appointment.

Ongoing awareness and health safety are core to our operation.
Our mission is built around providing excellence in healthcare. As part of that, as members of the medical community, we stay informed of public health developments through updates from the World Health Organization, the CDC and members of the medical community. For example, we are participating in regular briefings from members of the Immunology and Epidemiology medical communities.

Thank you for your cooperation.
We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in joining us to guard the health and safety of our patients and staff. We hope that you have extra confidence in Pinnacle as we expand our cleaning and health safety measures during this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of our providers or staff.



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