I have known Dr. Lapinski since she was a young girl and I know how very, very smart she is. She and the Pinnacle Dermatology practice have taken care of my family’s dermatology needs for many years. She is quite the doctor, very in tune to her patients which is so important and you don’t often see that. Her patient to doctor skills are extraordinary. She’s very open to her patients and their needs. She knows her practice is growing and she is bringing on a lot of doctors that share the same qualities as her. She is tremendously honest and tells it the way it is and that’s what a patient wants to hear. She’s very good at explaining in a very kind, forthright way. People are not offended – that is a hard road to walk.

I’m one of 5 girls in my family and none of them had ever seen a dermatologist before. I had to care for my mother and brought her to a dermatologist in the western suburbs that was well respected. That dermatologist no longer sees patients and all of us were left with no one. One sister lives in California and another in NH. My NH sister, Mary, is a nurse and she could not get a dermatologist to listen to her, even about the screening process. She would come here to visit and comment on how great my skin looked. My sister flies in once a year to see the doctors at Pinnacle Dermatology, how crazy is that?