I first went to a dermatologist in my area who was horrible who basically said I was old so I stopped going there. I ended up with a spot on the face that I knew was not correct so I went a year or so later to another Dermatology practice and had a biopsy done. I was a number there, and they didn’t spend the time with me that I needed. I had Mohs surgery done with that practice and the surgeon was excellent and it’s healed very nicely but that surgeon was extremely busy and was in and out. That surgeon is no longer there and I was sent a letter introducing the new doctor and I didn’t feel a connection to them.

My mom went to Pinnacle Dermatology and she was very happy with them. The only thing that I questioned was her mom had Mohs surgery in same day as her appointment. That’s not what happened at my previous dermatologist but I figured it was a good time to get checked at that office. I went to the new office located in Ottawa and I am telling you, Stacy and her aide are fabulous. She took her time, I did not feel rushed at all, she checked everything over, and said the spot on my temple that I was concerned with was a bug bite that got irritated.

I was elated walking out of the office. When you have problems with your skin, everyone says it’s nothing to worry about but when it happens to you it is something to worry about. I feel safe and secure at Pinnacle, like I’m in good hands.