3 years ago, I saw what I thought was a mole on my breast area and determined I should get it checked. I made an appointment with Pinnacle Dermatology because other friends had gone there. May 6th was my appointment and the doctor noticed a dent in the same breast. I don’t do mammograms and I don’t get checked by doctors so I hadn’t noticed the dent or thought anything of it. She told me I needed to see my regular doctor. I told her I didn’t have one. She recommended a surgeon would would want a mammogram so she gave me the phone number and the doctor and told me to schedule an appointment before I left the parking lot.

She didn’t know me but I’m the kind of person who would maybe eventually make the appointment, maybe not. Because she gave me such explicit instructions, I went out to the parking lot and did what I was told. By May 31st I had had a lumpectomy and got two lymph nodes removed because it was cancer.  I’m happy to report the doctor said I’m at very low risk of recurrence and I owe it all to the Pinnacle Practice and the doctors there for pushing me to do what I needed to do.