I don’t remember how I got to the Pinnacle Dermatology practice initially. I’m sure someone recommended me. In Bourbonnais, where I live, at the time there wasn’t a lot of options. I knew I had a scabby thing on her forehead and needed it taken care of as I’ve had basal cell before. I went in to the Frankfort office and Dr. Lapinksi and I just hit it off right away. She has great bedside manner, very welcoming and I had a lot of confidence in her right away as she obviously knows very well what she’s doing. She completed a full body check and asked about a small mark on my neck. It looked like a little bruise, wasn’t raised, scabby or anything. She biopsied it, and it turned out to be a melanoma although very superficial. Dr. Rios did the surgery, margins were not clear the first time and I had to have a second surgery. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Rios either.

The most important thing was that I was very comfortable with them and they cared about me as a person in addition to taking care of me. I got her cell phone number right away to show how personable she is. You just don’t see that anymore.