I’ve been seeing Dr. Lapinksi since she only had one child so it’s been a long time since she now has 4! At the time I had a Primary Care Physician that has since moved out of the area, but she’s the one who referred me to Pinnacle Dermatology to begin with. I’m a red head and an amateur golfer and have been out in the sun a lot in my life and I get my skin checked every 6 months. I’ve had a few things removed over the years and every experience has been amazing.

I feel like the doctors are family. They make you feel immediately comfortable and calm and answer/address any concern you have. They are personable and seem like non-clinical doctor. My husband came into one appointment with me and my husband was talking sports the whole time and before I knew it the procedure was over. You feel like they are a small family, even though the practice is growing.

Doctors are people you trust and it’s difficult to start over trusting someone else which is why I will always stay with her. I was concerned with all the growth that I would have to wait for an appointment but that hasn’t been the case. I refer my friends to the practice all the time. I am relocating soon to southwest Michigan and I will still come back here to my providers at Pinnacle Dermatology until they grow to that area.