I can only tell you good things about Pinnacle Dermatology. I had a cyst removed and have been many times since the office opened in Frankfort. I found out about the practice because I met the doctors through a lecture about dermatology at a healthcare open house. I was very impressed with them and what they had to say. At that time my mom and I were going to another dermatologist in the area and my mom had squamous cell all over her body. I have the same skin as her and she baked in the sun as a younger person.

The dermatologist at the time, wanted to do a biopsy on my cheek and I didn’t want a chunk out of my skin. I went to Pinnacle as a second consult and found out at the time the biopsy wasn’t necessary so I saved my skin and haven’t had a problem since. I see the doctor frequently and they take care of me. They are always up front and honest and it’s very refreshing to get all the facts up front. Everything they’ve done for me has been accurate and it’s never been pushed on me. They’re very well informed and I feel like they have a calling for what they do.