Discover a better way to get prescriptions and over-the-counter medications from Pinnacle Dermatology.

For many patients, acquiring prescriptions and over-the-counter skin medications can feel like a slow, complicated process with several steps and pharmacy locations involved — until now. Advanced Rx Pharmacy for Pinnacle Dermatology patients fulfills your prescriptions directly and sends them to your home for free.

Added Pinnacle convenience

No more wait times or driving from pharmacy to pharmacy. We make the process easier and more reliable with simple online refills.

Easy insurance process and fast shipping

Simply give us the information from your insurance card. We'll handle the prior-authorization process. Best of all, shipping is free!

Medications are more accessible

We offer custom compounded formulations, faster access to medications not always available locally and minimal substitutions.

How it works

1. Prescription submission

Your Pinnacle Dermatology provider will submit your prescription to Advanced Rx Pharmacy, our trusted partner which provides fast and convenient access to medications.

2. Information verification

Advanced Rx Pharmacy for Pinnacle Dermatology patients will call you to verify your address and details. You can also contact us at (727) 209-5722 if you prefer. Whichever is easiest for you!

3. Free shipping

Your prescription will be quickly shipped to your location for FREE.