Joanne Ostman, PA-C

Joanne Ostman is a Physician Assistant who has worked in dermatology for the past 16 years. She graduated from the College of St. Benedict and went on to complete Physician Assistant Studies at Augsburg University.

I was diagnosed with melanoma 20 years ago and my experience was so profound that I changed my career. Prior to my diagnosis, I had several practitioners evaluate my melanoma without concern. Eventually I saw a provider who took time with me, performed a biopsy and saved my life.

This has made a profound impact on the way I practice medicine. I want to create a great experience for everyone I see. I do what needs to be done to find an accurate diagnosis and work with my patients to establish a treatment plans that suit their needs. I always want to know and understand my patient’s wants, needs and expectations. Together we can improve your dermatologic health. I look forward to meeting you.