miraDry 3

I was motivated to get miraDry to reduce odor and eliminate the need to apply deodorant daily.  There is nothing worse when rushing out the door for work in the morning to look down and see white marks on your beautiful handpicked outfit of the day!  I have enjoyed not having to worry about this at all.  I immediately noticed the reduction of ANY odor from my underarms, even when not wearing deodorant.  Not having to worry about this has saved me time in the mornings by NEVER having this issue!

The treatment itself was really quite easy.  The local numbing that is done to make you comfortable during the procedure is like tiny mosquito bites, when you feel anything at all, most of the injections were not felt.  I was most nervous about this part as I have a needle phobia, but WOW, it was NOTHING!  The actual miraDry portion of the treatment was painless, I felt about 2 or 3 areas where I thought I could feel “something” but then it was over.  Easy Peasy!

My recovery went AMAZING!  I iced for the rest of the afternoon and the next day.  I took ibuprofen as recommended just for 1 day.  I had hardly noticeable swelling or pain.  If I touched the area firmly, it was more of an awareness that something was done in the area, but not painful.  It has now been a week and a half and I still have that same awareness feeling if I press hard in the area, but less than before.

The first time I worked out after having the miraDry procedure I mentally thought I was wet, but after asking my poor husband to stick his hands under there and feel it, he laughed and said, “no babe, your DRY!”  I have not had any issues with being wet in the treated area, it is great!

I think everyone would benefit from miraDry!  I work with many people who have excessive sweating that I know causes embarrassment. This would reduce/eliminate the medications they need to use in order to control their issues, all which have potential side effects.  I think this would be a life changer for them.  I also think this would be wonderful for people who just don’t want to sweat under their arms anymore, and people who don’t want to have any chemicals on their skin from deodorant.


  • January 14, 2016